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I donate 10% of all income from this site and my writing to climate justice groups.

Climate Change Books is an online book catalog and book blog.

Our mission is simple: help readers find the right climate change books for them and help authors of climate change books find new readers.

Our book reviews, reading lists, blog, and other site features are optimized to help readers find books that are a good match for their interests and tastes. If you’re new to the site, you can choose between climate fiction, climate nonfiction, and climate poetry, or browse reading lists with more specialized focuses.

Climate Change Books also supports climate justice. We donate 10% of our proceeds from all book sales and ads on this site to climate justice groups. Every time you visit Climate Change Books, buy a book using our affiliate links, add a link to Climate Change Books on your website, or share this site with your friends, you’re supporting people on the front lines of the struggle for climate justice.

If reading books about climate change has inspired you to take action, we encourage you to visit our Climate Justice Groups page and support one or more of these great climate justice groups!

If you have any questions, book/author recommendations, climate justice group suggestions, or other feedback about this site, please contact us.

Book Inclusion Criteria

We select books for our “Best in Category” reading lists and other reading lists based on the following criteria:

  • Accuracy. Does the book provide an accurate portrayal of the climate crisis? Fiction and poetry have some wiggle room in terms of how they portray the details, especially if they’re obviously speculative in nature. But we have no interest in any book that promotes climate denial, climate delay, or obvious misconceptions about the nature of the climate crisis and its implications.
  • Significance. Does the book speak to some significant aspect of the climate crisis? For a work of nonfiction, this may involve providing an overview of some aspect of climate science or an examination of the root causes of, and just responses to, the climate crisis. For fiction and poetry, this may involve speaking to important social, economic, and political aspects of the climate crisis, or centering authors, characters, settings, and themes that are underrepresented in fiction and poetry.
  • Engagement. Is it a good book? Vital information and thought-provoking themes don’t do much good if they’re trapped in a book that’s unreadable. There may be significant literary value in some books that are inscrutable or unenjoyable for the average reader, but we wouldn’t count these among the best climate change books. For our purposes, the best books are ones that the reader can’t put down because they’re so compelling and engaging.
  • Popularity. Is the book popular with a broad audience and/or audiences that have traditionally been excluded from discourse about the climate crisis? Do most people who read the book rate it highly and recommend it to others? If it’s an independently published and distributed book, this fact is taken into consideration. A relatively small number of highly positive ratings and reviews can sometimes indicate that the book is a classic that could easily go viral if more people knew about it.

Some of our reading lists are based on external reading lists and articles. For these lists, we provide a link to the original source that inspired the list. We also check each title to ensure that it meets or exceeds the book inclusion criteria we have for our own original reading lists. This ensures that all of the books listed on this site are high-quality books that our readers are likely to enjoy.

Author Inclusion Criteria

We only include authors in our climate change author lists if they’ve published books that meet the book inclusion criteria for our site and match the theme of one or more of our climate change reading lists.

Do you know of an author who should be featured on our site? Let us know! Be sure to tell us about one or more books they’ve published, including the full title and author name or pen name. We only include authors once they have one or more specific books listed in one of our climate change reading lists or elsewhere on the site.

Climate Change Books Links

All book links on this site are Universal Book Links powered by Books2Read. These links allow you to choose which bookseller you would like to visit to view and purchase the book of your choice.

Our favorite booksellers are Bookshop for print books and Smashwords for ebooks. These independent booksellers are much more responsive to the needs of their readers, authors, and workers. Bookshop also contributes a percentage of their sales to independent bookstores. Please use Bookshop and Smashwords links when possible.

For your convenience, we have also included links to many other major booksellers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books.

Climate Change Books Affiliate Commissions

Climate Change Books receives an affiliate commission each time you purchase a book from the following booksellers: Amazon, Bookshop, Smashwords, and Kobo. Please use these links when possible. The revenue we receive through these links is what makes this site possible.

For your convenience, we also provide links to booksellers that don’t have an affiliate program or haven’t included our site in their affiliate program yet. This is because making sure that you find the book you’re looking for is more important to us than making sure we get a commission on every single sale. We trust that enough of our readers will use the affiliate links to keep this site sustainable.

Ten percent of Climate Change Book’s proceeds from the affiliate links and ads on this site is donated to climate justice groups.

Climate Change Books Staff

This site was founded by Treesong. Treesong is a climate fiction author, talk radio host, and Real-Life Superhero living in Southern Illinois. For more information on Treesong’s writing, radio show, and climate superhero adventures, please visit treesong.org.

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