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  • Book Review: Termination Shock by Neal Stephenson

    Book Review: Termination Shock by Neal Stephenson

    What would happen if a rogue Texas billionaire launched a massive solar geoengineering project without any international negotiations or government approval? This is the basic premise of Termination Shock, a novel by Neal Stephenson, bestselling author of Snow Crash and many other works of speculative fiction.

  • Books by Bill Caplan

    Books by Bill Caplan

    With a passion for people-friendly building design, an engineer’s understanding of sustainability and a 34-year career in high-technology, Bill Caplan’s books address the built environment from a human and environmental perspective. A sober look at our efforts to contain global warming and the public’s self-delusion with “green” and “sustainable” living inspired his writing “Thwart Climate…

  • Embodied Carbon Reading List

    Embodied Carbon Reading List

    What is Embodied Carbon? Embodied carbon is a term for the greenhouse gas emissions that are released during the lifecycle of a building or product. This includes the emissions associated with the materials used to make it, the emissions released during the building or assembly of it, and the emissions released during the demolition or…

  • Books by David Wallace-Wells

    Books by David Wallace-Wells

    David Wallace-Wells is a bestselling science writer and essayist. His writing explores climate change, technology, and the future of the planet and how we live on it. He may be best known in climate communication and climate justice advocacy circles as the author of The Uninhabitable Earth, a #1 New York Times Bestseller inspired by…

  • Free Climate Change Books

    Free Climate Change Books

    Where can I find free climate change books? Climate change books offer a thought-provoking and compelling way to do a deeper dive into the climate crisis. Authors from around the world have written and published thousands of works of climate fiction, climate nonfiction, and climate poetry. Many of these have something important and unique to…

  • Climate Justice Reading List

    Climate Justice Reading List

    What is Climate Justice? Climate justice is a political concept and social movement which recognizes that the climate crisis is a justice issue. The climate crisis is deeply interconnected with many social justice and environmental justice concerns. Who caused the climate crisis? Who benefits the most from the industries and activities that are causing the…